In the current accelerated era of distribution, expansion and shift to cloud, identity and access management (IAM) has become a critical component for securing your business.

  • Bring business agility by securing third-party access to your infrastructure and data.
  • Speed up access to new applications, as well as automate removal of that access when no longer required.

IAM solutions not only help securing access to applications and data, but also provide better user experience by adapting authentication experience or allowing the end-user to use self services.

Of course, given many data breaches are related to weak Identity or Access management, improving those processes and enforcing stronger authentication or more advanced processes where required is key.

Presented by: Emmanuel David, Solutions Specialist at Securelink

Emmanuel is a senior security genius with expertise in different markets and vendor landscapes, certified as CISSP and CCSP. Prior to joining Securelink, Emmanuel was a security architect and IAM architect at AXA. Next to expertise in security, he also has great knowledge in LAN/WLAN solutions.