Why cybersecurity ratings will be as important as your company’s credit rating. | A 1:1 relation.

In a digital world, your online reputation is basically all you have. Cybercriminals are going pro. Today’s heroes can be tomorrow’s zeroes. It’s only a matter of time, not if. So how do you convince the rest of your company to do the right cybersecurity things, at the right time (and pace of your company)?
During this breakout session, you will get a guided tour on business-related challenges, pains and gains.

Presented by: Jan De Bondt, Head of Cybersecurity Advisory Services at ZIONSECURITY

Jan De Bondt works on Business Information Security challenges with focus on establishing the balance between people, processes and technology.
De Bondt firmly believes that “Cybersecurity” ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the overall value of business relationships.