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CTO, Orange Cyberdefense

Facing the future of cybersecurity with Orange Cyberdefense

Cybersecurity is evolving very quickly. Strong tendencies such as regulation, threats, and technology such as Public Cloud and AI are changing the needs of enterprises.

To effectively protect its customers in this new environment, Orange Cyberdefense is changing scale and getting more local.

  • SCALE because the complexity is higher than ever before, and it requests the best experts and solutions, worldwide and 24/7 coverage.
  • LOCAL because efficient cybersecurity request adaptation to the customer’s specific needs and remains based on trust and human relationship.

Laurent will share Orange Cyberdefense’s vision on cybersecurity and the ambition to become the strongest player in Europe.

About Laurent Célérier

Laurent Célérier is CTO at Orange Cyberdefense since 2018, leading innovation, product development, partnerships, marketing, and communication activities. Laurent attended the French naval academy and war college. He started his career by serving a number of navy ships on board, notably as captain of a frigate carrying out anti-pirate missions. He was subsequentially appointed as an advisor for strategic and industrial affairs at the office of the French joint chief of defense staff. After an appointment at the French National Security Agency (ANSSI), he was designated to lead the construction and to be the first commanding officer of the French cyber command (COMCYBER).