Koen Vanderpoorten

System Engineer at F5 Networks Belux

Automating Security for Modern Applications and Microservices with F5 and NGINX

Now that enterprises are embracing agility and microservices, and applications are spread out across multiple datacenters and clouds, security is often overlooked. A divide between Dev and Ops has emerged because of the desire for speed at Dev side, and the need for compliance at Ops side. F5 and NGINX address this divide with the tools and approaches that deliver speed, simplicity, security, and scale.

In this workshop, we show how you can seamlessly and automatically integrate F5 and NGINX application services in your development pipeline, and how to best accelerate and optimize your app modernization journey.


About the speaker

Koen Vanderpoorten is a System Engineer at F5 Networks Belux, providing technical presales consultancy to partners and customers. Koen has been working in IT for more than twenty years, focusing primarily on networking and security.

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