Building a successful security operations program starts with the right detection and response tools. These tools can help security teams quickly uncover, investigate, and contain threats.

To protect their digital assets, many security teams today are forced to provision multiple siloed detection and response tools. Although each tool has individual value, these siloed point products force security analysts to pivot from console to console to gather context when reviewing alerts, which slows down incident response efforts. These tools also require organizations to deploy and main­tain an ever-growing array of software agents, net­work sensors, and on-premises log servers, putting a high operational burden on IT teams.

Siloed security products add complexity, resulting in poor security outcomes. To stop sophisticated threats, security teams should consider Cortex XDR™, the world’s first detection and response app that natively integrates network, endpoint, and cloud data. Cortex XDR lowers the mean time to contain threats, improves analyst productivity, and increases operational efficiency.


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