Emmanuel David,

Solutions Specialist at Securelink

Can IAM ease the end-user’s life as well as the IT’s life?

Is password fatigue posing you security challenges ? This demonstration will show alternatives that will improve and flexibly adapt the security level.

How hard is it to automate processes based on a policy ?

Sessions: 11:35 – 14:55 – 16:25

About the speaker

Emmanuel is a senior security genius with expertise in different markets and vendor landscapes, certified as CISSP and CCSP. Prior to joining Securelink, Emmanuel was a security architect and IAM architect at AXA. Next to expertise in security, he also has great knowledge in LAN/WLAN solutions..

Peter Holvoet,

Solutions Specialist at Securelink

Solution Architect,

Solutions Specialist at Securelink

“Visibility, the biggest hurdle in protecting OT/ICS environments”

Visibility in the OT/ICS environment should be the first step in protecting the production environment from cyber-attacks. At SecureLink, we can help our prospects and customers by delivering this visibility in a non-disruptive and passive way.

Non-disruptive meaning without disrupting their processes by following methods that are required of OT devices. This includes passive monitoring to identify assets, baselining normal activity to spot anomalies, and analyzing data for indications of changes and cyber events. With that visibility, organizations can effectively implement additional protective controls to segment critical assets, by using Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls for example.

Session: 11:55 – 15.15- 16:45

About the speaker

Peter Holvoet is a Solution Specialist at SecureLink – Part of Orange Cyberdefense. He has been working in IT since 1985, performing mainly pre-sales and sales-oriented positions in several multinationals. In the last 15 years, he has been focusing on the virtual secure working environments, and he recently developed a keen interest in ICS/OT security. While specializing in the industrial world, Peter got multiple certifications amongst which ‘Nozomi Certified Engineer.

About the speaker

Kevin Thys is a Security Solution Architect at SecureLink specialized in OT/ICS Security. He joined SecureLink 8 years ago as a security consultant and later became a solution architect. Before working at SecureLink, Kevin worked as a Network Engineer for IT and ICS environments. Throughout the years, he got fascinated by cyber security. That is why he decided to start a career at SecureLink where he developed a focus on ICS security. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in ICT Electronics and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Kevin has multiple certificates in Palo Alto Networks Technology and further specializations in Nozomi Networks and cloud security.

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