Etienne Verhasselt

Business Manager at ZIONSECURITY.

A silo-breaking approach to cyber security

In the cyber world, we all face vast and ongoing risks. Attackers are capable and motivated to go after IT systems in administrative and operational infrastructures critical to an organization’s resilience and presence.

Organizations of all sizes have to be ready to give the right answers to attacks and attempts of attackers. However, the reality is eye-opening! From a cybersecurity perspective, many organizations encounter at least three gaps: the lack of structure, the lack of clarity and the lack of consistent real-time data.

A contemporary cybersecurity culture can never consist of isolated initiatives. You have to take a silo-breaking approach to security if you want to develop a reliable and efficient cyber security strategy to close those gaps. Only a holistic approach to cyber security can address these failings and their implications for organizations.

During this Technological Test Flight (TTF), ZIONSECURITY’s team which consists of experienced GRC advisors, certified penetration testers and social engineers, and, skilled application security consultants, will show you how to apply this silo-breaking approach.


About the speaker

Etienne Verhasselt is a senior Business Manager and Associate Certified Meta-Coach (International Society of Neuro-Semantics). He has more than 35 years of experience in various ICT and business disciplines. Since 2000, his focus is on cybersecurity.

More than fifteen years ago, he developed skills and capabilities in professional coaching within the cybersecurity arena and other business areas. Passion, trust, clarity and professionalism are Etienne’s highest values.

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